Thursday, February 18, 2016

Second thoughts on “Color us shocked….”

Once again, your humble correspondent follows up with some further nuggets related to the subject post published last night.


We have word via subterranean channels that Bowdoin student activists, following up on the concerns they delivered to the college administration last year, will soon demand that the Bowdoin Chapel be officially redesignated as the Bowdoin Cathedral of Openness, Affirmation, Sustainability, and New Campus Orthodoxy.  They want to use it as a safe space to draft a Catechism of Postmodernist Academic Theology, and hold mandatory classes for all students and administration personnel.

Separately, we understand these same students will demand that the Town of Brunswick create safe hookup spaces around town in various business establishments, and the Town Hall as well, so that when the urge strikes, instant gratification can be the norm no matter where no matter when.


They plan to ask the good ladies of Brunswick to see to it that bowls of free condoms are made available all around town, and in our government schools, to demonstrate solidarity with contemporary college moral codes.


We think these ‘condoms on a stick’ should broaden appeal to all ages, yet befuddle town old foagies into thinking they’re just lollies for the kiddies.

Amazing how clever our good ladies and those crazy college kids can be when they put their minds together for the common good!

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