Friday, October 7, 2016

“Brunswick Believes: A Strategic Framework…”

Greetings faithful readers; as you know all too well, our pace of publishing has been almost zero in recent weeks (and months.)  We’ve been exceptionally busy of late on other matters, but we won’t bore you with the details.  At least at this moment.

Today we want to tell you about a “work” recently published by the Brunswick School Department.  You can find it here:


We hope you’ll take the time to read and study it to get a sense of what your local government school department prioritizes in this day and age.

We won’t give you our thoughts just yet so you can read it without being biased by anything we might say or not say.  But we will offer this advice.

Read it once to get an overall sense of the themes and content.  Reflect on that, and come back in a day or two and reread it more carefully now that you’ve had a chance to think on it.

Whether you have children in the system now, or will have them there in the future, or had them there in the past, try to see the material presented in the context of how you would like the schooling of your children to be conducted and focused.

And if you’re in the age bracket of the Sides, make sure you consider the material in the context of how you would want your grandchildren to be schooled, and the priorities of the school system they might attend.

Pay particular attention to the vernacular, phraseology, and vocabulary of today’s government school establishment.  It might even give you reason to go back through the material a third time.

Enjoy…and be ready to pay for the taxes to make these strategic moves.

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