Thursday, October 13, 2016

“The Card Is In The Mail…..”

You know we’re grasping for straw when we take an old saw like “the check is in the mail” and morph it into “the card is in the mail.”  The thank you card, that is.  Which always arrives from an appreciative and gracious recipient, even if a bit late.


Many of us have had thank you cards from newly married couples show up months after the event, and we’ve always assumed it was since their parents received numerous ‘ahem’ phone calls asking if ‘the kids are OK, because we haven’t heard back from them.’

We’re surmising that since we haven’t received our thank you, you probably haven’t received yours either.  On the other hand, if you have, and we haven’t, that pretty much confirms where we stand in the town social order.  We have no illusions about that; we’ve done a pretty thorough job alienating various actors in the local aristocracy, at least one of whom refers to us as “Mr. Grumpy.”  In public places.

By now you’re probably wondering who the illusory thank you card might be from…..if only in our dreams.

Here’s a clue:


In case that’s not enough, there’s this:


So what is the occasion for sending this note along?  Believe it or not, it’s been three years plus since this post appeared:

It contained this passage:

Here are the actual words from the note:

3. On or before August 1st, 2016, one hundred percent (100%) of the original principal sum, equal to Two Hundred, Forty Seven Thousand Dollars ($247,000), and the accrued interest, in the amount of Thirty Three Thousand, Five Hundred Twenty Five and 07/100 Dollars ($33,525.07), for the loan term for months one through thirty six, and the accrued interest of Twenty Thousand, Nine Hundred Sixty One and 67/100 Dollars ($20,961.67) for the loan term for months thirty seven through sixty, will be forgiven, so long as the Maker is not in default of any of this Promissory Note’s terms and the following requirements have been met:

We find the presence of the words “On or before August 1st, 2016..” combined with the words “for months thirty seven through sixty…” cognitively dissonant, thank you very much.  But you know us; we’re just a country class engineer, not a ruling class attorney or government official.

Well here we are, more than two months beyond the trip-wire date mentioned above, and we have it on official source that the principal ($247,000) and the accrued interest ($33,502.07), for a total of $280,525.07, have been totally forgiven.  Here’s the proof (in two clips):



All you should need, we think.


Finally, after all this time, the gracious lady above, and all the other good ladies of Brunswick who put their hearts and minds and souls into this arrangement, can have their precious “closure.”


Not to mention the Kings of Brunswick Taxi, who now have closure on a one-time liability on their books, in the amount of $280,525.07 or there-abouts.

Compliments of Brunswick Taxpayers, we should note.


Which is why we’ve been watching our mail for a Thank You card, just as you have.

But you never know.  Maybe Brunswick Taxi will be personally delivering your card to your door.  Although not every one is willing to believe that…..


One last thing; it is college football season, and as we’ve speculated in the past, the Kings of Brunswick Taxi could well be Florida Youniversity fans.  We don’t know what your card, if it ever comes, will say, but we’re expecting ours to close with a hearty “GO F You.”

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