Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Some historical context….

This is an exciting few weeks.  All the turmoil and sturm und drang of the municipal and school budgets, and a referendum asking us to spend $40 million or so on a new school to replace one that was allowed to fall into disrepair, and build it on the site of one that was allowed to ‘structurally fail.’

Most of the same old themes and the same protagonists are apparent in recent events.  The latter includes Rich “its never enough” Ellis, former School Board member, and master number massager.

We realize your study time is limited, but nonetheless, we think you might find some useful information and history in some of our posts in years past.

So we’re passing along links to that information in case you’d like to study up.

The first link is this:


The bulk of the history covered here has to do with the School Department’s purchase of its health insurance coverage for staff from the Maine State Teachers Union, and how that transaction provides hundreds of thousands in funds for them to pay for lobbying in Augusta.

The second link is this:


It has to do with our prior exchanges and experiences with Mr. Ellis during his years on the School Board.

Some of the text may appear in difficult to read format because we modified the basic blog format a few years ago, and when the background colors changed, the text colors did not.  If you have this problem, simply ‘select’ the problem text via normal keyboard or cursor actions, and the text will become instantly readable when you do….it will be shown on a white background.

Stay tuned for new materials to appear shortly.

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