Monday, August 24, 2009

Maine: No Miracle Cure

Several days ago I commented on the complete lack of critical thought by Doug Rooks and so many other pundits as they shill for "health care reform." I listed a number of points here that document the role our elected officials have played in making our "system" what it is, which first and foremost, is a cause undeniable for them to ride to our rescue with solutions. The organization of the essay was not my best; I simply tired of editing it.

Our "leaders'" fervent promises to rescue us from our living hell prove the merit of Polish philosopher Leszek KoĊ‚akowski's Law of the Infinite Cornucopia, which suggests that for any given doctrine one wants to believe, there is never a shortage of arguments by which one can support it.

Lest you mistake me for a well-read scholar in the "liberal arts," let's get right back to reality. I write here to tell you of a recent Wall Street Journal piece that addresses Maine's flirtation with universal health care, which you can find here.

It won't take you but five minutes or less to read it, and it's like being hit up side the head with a 2 x 4. Too bad such such strokes have no effect on Rooks and others.

It must be because their heads are like baloons, full of hot air, that simply bounce around a bit when hit with a punch. Until such time as they burst and simply disappear.

The whole piece is a great expose on the silliness we've been sold here where life is "the way it should be." Let me leave you with one winning paragraph:

The program flew off track fast. At its peak in 2006, only about 15,000 people had enrolled in the DirigoChoice program. That number has dropped to below 10,000, according to the state's own reporting. About two-thirds of those who enrolled already had insurance, which they dropped in favor of the public option and its subsidies. Instead of 128,000 uninsured in the program today, the actual number is just 3,400. Despite the giant expansions in Maine's Medicaid program and the new, subsidized public choice option, the number of uninsured in the state today is only slightly lower that in 2004 when the program began.

I suppose the results are what we should have expected from the junior varsity players in state government. Surely the results will be much better once the superstars on the A-Team in Washington are on the job.

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