Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Town Manager for Brunswick

In an announcement that rivals news that Frosty's is closed again for the biggest surprise of the week, Brunswick's Town Council has announced that Gary Brown is their selection for Town Manager.

The newspaper article announcing the selection is a thing of bureaucratic beauty. It's full of slippery rhetoric about not voting, not needing to vote, reaching consensus by not voting, etc. All of which leaves one cross-eyed and wondering about the modern day understanding of government decision making and accountability. I suppose no one wants to be caught voting against their new boss, though.

Congratulations to Gary Brown, who "accepted the job" even though no negotiations have yet taken place. So negotiations will, by definition, succeed. I'm sure our consultants will raise that to a top priority in their job-jar. Side wonders if their task calls for a percentage of the negotiated package. This is a fairly common practice in the "executive job search" or head-hunter game. If that's the way they work, at least we know they'll be looking out for taxpayer interests as they negotiate Brown's package.

I've written before on this subject, and for once I hit the nail on the donkey. I sure would like to know how much our leaders have spent on this effort. And why they are washing their hands of the salary/benefit package setting process. It's been a while since I've banged my head against the nearest wall, and gosh, it feels good to do it again.

If you have any interest in "I told you so," ample evidence can be found here and here.

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