Thursday, March 11, 2010

Auguring “illegitimate” prospects for BNAS?

Augur Letter: Forecaster analysis “unfounded”

Newell Augur, one time Brunswick Town Councilor, is upset by the Forecaster’s diligent analysis of MRRA activity, specifically as it relates to dealings with Oxford Aviation and F. Lee Bailey.  He does so here in a letter entitled “Critical analysis hurts Brunswick's image.”

Augur accuses the Forecaster of “character assassination of Steve Levesque,” and then proceeds to completely ignore the specifics in the Forecaster column.  Instead, he launches into the same kind of fawning praise we’ve seen in recent months by others as they attempt to convince us that all is well and we are in the best of hands, regardless of the facts on the record.

Funny; you would think an attorney like Augur would refute or otherwise counter the points raised by the Forecaster, but instead, he plays to the public via the press.  Reminds me of my earlier citation about playing to the judge if you have the law on your side; to the jury if you have the facts on your side; and to the press if you have neither.

Augur, of course, is not an objective witness in this matter, given his position on the Governor’s BRAC Advisory Council.  And he is, as best I know, a career creature of government.  Before becoming a state house lobbyist, he was the official public spokesman for the Department of Health and Human Services. 

One could easily assume he has brotherly affection for those who spend their years orbiting the planet Augusta, and the myriad bright shining stars that illuminate the heavens surrounding it.  All of whom seem genetically predisposed to believe they are public servants whose merits are beyond question.

Augur speaks of an “unfounded attack,” but offers an unfounded defense, unless you consider personal praise to be rock-solid evidence.  Rhetoric such as “I know I echo the opinion of anyone who has worked with him…” is the sanctimonious malarkey of politics.  Most experts think such statements are a “tell” for a lack of confidence.  One is reminded of “Joe Schmaltz is our coach, and I have 100% confidence in his ability to lead our team,” a statement usually released about a week before said coach is fired.

To Augur’s credit, he admits that the MRRA romance with Oxford Aviation was a mistake, or at least as close to saying that as any involved bureaucrat is ever going to come.  But apparently, the MRRA ED had no role in that mistake.

Side got the biggest kick, however, out of this statement by Augur:

“although one wonders in this economy how many legitimate prospects are on the horizon.”

Should we take this observation as an indication that hopes for a glorious future in global aviation leadership, as F. Lee Bailey would have it, are unfounded?  The Governor should be pleased by that posture from his Council Vice Chair!

Or is Augur recommending that the MRRA continue to entertain illegitimate prospects?

Whichever it is, Augur will get all the column inches he needs right here on the front lines to make his case.  In a founded manner.

Let’s hope he augurs for something better than we’ve seen so far.

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