Friday, March 19, 2010

Why the rush to “health care reform?” Kept voters, that’s why.

Here are some basic facts. Those in America living in the range from 1 time to 4 times the federal poverty level add up to 130 million people, or about 40% of the population.

The  proposed reform would make all of these folks (as a minimum) dependent on the federal government (meaning taxpayers) for some or all of their health care coverage.  Add to that those above that income level that are on Medicare and other government programs.

Combine this with the reality that the lower 50% of the population pays less than 3% of the total federal income tax burden in the country and you get a magic potion: a virtually guaranteed voter base to keep a European style welfare state in place, and those who rule it in power.  And that’s before granting amnesty to millions and millions of illegal immigrants.

These beneficiaries will support any plan to raise taxes to protect their government entitlement since they would be unaffected by the tax increase, but would be affected by any decrease in benefits.

I believe this is what “moral hazard” means.  Welcome to the end of the American experiment in limited government and liberty that once enabled us to be an economic powerhouse and the most innovative, productive, and generous society in history. 

We have decided to forsake those principles and instead emulate those whose success is modest at best and whose sustainability is non-existent.

Makes sense to me, knowing what is behind it all.

Good night, Mrs. Calabash.

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