Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Could The Ostrich please speak for itself??

Over the years, we’ve often suspected, and alleged, that the editorials published in The Ostrich were provided by partisan interests, and yet presented as if they were the work of the editors.

The examples of this syndrome are far too numerous to mention, but any discerning reader of their offerings over the years knows this is the case.

This week, the editors decided to come clean on their lack of originality.

Two consecutive editorials are admittedly derived from the efforts of the Maine Center for Economic Policy, a radical left wing non-profit think tank with offices just steps from the Statehouse in Augusta.

The first had to do with planned cuts to taxpayer funding for MPBN, and ran yesterday.

The second has to do with Governor LePage’s first biennium budget.

Both are full of the demagoguery MECEP and the other entrenched left wing extremists in Maine are known for.  As we might expect from those who have had their way for nearly 40 years, virtually without challenge.

Fair enough, we suppose.  But isn’t it time for the editors at The Ostrich to think for themselves? 

And isn’t it time for The Ostrich to get its property tax accounts paid up, rather than lecturing the rest of us on ‘doing better?’

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