Monday, May 16, 2011

KKKK-?: “Gadfly head-banging extraordinaire…..”

Friends, countrymen, and readers: your correspondent attended the Brunswick budget public hearing tonight, May 16th, and spoke unashamedly on the subject.  Never has it been such a futile exercise, banging one’s head against a very hard wall.

As referred to earlier, those who think with their hearts instead of their brains dominated the event.  Those who examine budget details, and the conclusions they lead to, like we do, were not.  We were not amused.

In so many words, it was a very lonely night for Side.  In keeping with our full disclosure policy, we planned to pass along the content of our testimony.  To derive some small measure of benefit from the otherwise futile effort, we decided to transform the text into another xtranormal ‘movie’ to hone our skill set in the art.

We will be posting more specific comments on the meeting soon, so stay engaged; there will be no extra charge for the content.

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