Sunday, May 8, 2011

So what’s going on?

It’s been something like three weeks since we’ve posted.  And we knew when the phone didn’t ring to ask why, that it wasn’t you, to borrow a thought from a great country music song.

Here’s the run-down, and you can judge for yourself how worthy our explanation is.

The week before Easter found us hosting our son and his family, including our two gorgeous grand-daughters, here at Chez Poppycock.  We knew from the start that we would not be paying attention to our obligations here.

Around the same time, our subscription renewal for The Ostrich (aka The Times Record) came due.  You may recall that we had discussed this subject earlier in this post.

The payment was ‘due’ by April 14, and we did not remit it.  The paper continued to arrive in our delivery tube until exactly two weeks later, April 28th.  Delivery then summarily stopped.

So, our excuse for not posting is that we were so verklempt over the loss of our daily dose of mis-information and hoo-hoo news reporting that we simply were unable to think clearly and deliver the clarity you have come to expect.  Rather than lower our standards, to match those of The Ostrich, we elected to take a sabbatical.

We want you to know that we contacted The Ostrich Publisher and subscription office, reminding them how generous the residents of Brunswick have been in continuing to provide vital public services to them even as they have failed to pay their property taxes, for more than a year, according to the public record.

And we asked them, as we said we would, to continue to deliver ‘vital news services’ even though we are in arrears on our account, and we promised to bring our account current, with 5% interest, once they caught up on their property taxes.

Surprise, surprise.  We got no response to our earnest and equitable request; not so much as a reply.  So here we are, weeks later, surviving without our daily delivery.

If you haven’t already done it, we suggest you give it a try.

And now you know ‘the rest of the story.’

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