Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Frosty’s Update: A real barn-burner!

By all reports from the new owners, Nels and Shelby, the re-opening of Brunswick’s one of a kind donut shop has exceeded all expectations.

On Friday, they were handing out free samples while they lasted.  They opened officially on Saturday, and we understand, were sold out in two hours.  The same thing reportedly happened on Sunday.  A friend waited in line for a considerable time (outside) on Saturday, but got still warm ‘twisties’ for her efforts, and she was aglow.

Side headed over yesterday (Monday) a little after 11 am hoping to have a cup of coffee and a tasty treat to go with it.  The ‘sold-out’ sign was on the front door, but they were still open, so we had a cup of Wicked Joe’s “Frosty’s Blend,” which tasted great.

The place looked fresh and alive, and people continued to stream in looking for the donuts at the end of the rainbow, to no avail.  The new owners looked a bit overwhelmed by the great response they’ve gotten from local aficionados.

This morning we were there a little after 7am, in our sleeper, the one with the attached footies, hoping to get some to bring home.  We scored a quick dozen from the dwindling selection, but people were streaming in, and our guess is the remaining 4-6 dozen in the case were gone in a matter of minutes. 

Back in the kitchen, however, two or three happy busy workers, including John Frost, were working energetically to cook up some more, probably lots more.  Oh, if you were lucky enough to get there at the right time to get them while they’re still warm, you will be addicted, if you weren’t already.

Here’s hoping the owners, after all the hard work of getting ready to open, can adapt well to the demand and the hours.  It will be interesting to watch how the supply is matched to the demand over the long haul.

This reporter’s habit has never been a 7am one.  It’s been just the opposite; head over for a mid-day break when the rush is over, usually around noon or so.  Linger over a donut or two and a second cup, while doing a bit of reading.

The product, we can certify, and this goes for us and many others, is exactly what we’ve all come to love.  Which is to say irresistible.  We expect to see several new varieties over the weeks and months ahead.

We wish Nels and Shelby and their crew fair winds and perfectly heated fryers for the coming spring and summer and fall.  They have a challenge to optimize output vis-a-vis consumer desires, which at best, will vary all over the place.

And we have a challenge to match our preferred routine to the availability of our favorites. 

Good thing their phone number hasn’t changed.  Cause our tastes in such matters haven’t, other than being pent up after nearly a year of withdrawal.

Happy donuts to you!

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