Monday, February 20, 2012

Postscript 1 to LT Ben! LT Ben

In this item, we promised we’d be coming back to you with more info and responses to the claims made by the School Department as they soften up the electorate for the forthcoming budget and ensuing public vote.

We will be doing as we promised, though we’re not exactly sure when.  We’re in the process of obtaining more data with which to make our case, or in some situations, finding it difficult to get answers.

As a partial fulfillment of our promise, though, we were able to submit an item to the Forecaster, and we’re told it will run in this week’s edition.  It’s already posted on their web site, and guess what; you don’t have to pay $89.95 a year to access it, like those tax delinquents in Brunswick want to charge you.

You can find the column here:

A sample passage:

Why? Because they’ve suddenly discovered the revenue outlook for the coming fiscal year is fraught with challenges, challenges they want us to believe caught them completely by surprise, and now put the entire school system at intolerable peril.

Regrettably, there isn’t a single change in their revenue stream that wasn’t predictable for a very long time, and should have been planned for years ago. But it’s always much easier to deny reality and then come pleading to a pliant public just before the storm hits.

After you read it, ask a school board member or a member of the administration where that extra $5,329 we’re spending per student since FY 05 is going.  And why, and what we’re getting in return?

You might even try to video their answer with your cell phone.  We promise the answers should be worth archiving and passing along, and we’ll be glad to do that right here on this creaky little media outlet.

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