Friday, February 17, 2012

Tangled Webs, etc……

Almost two weeks ago, we posted on this subject in a rather cryptic fashion.

We’re virtually certain you aren’t getting the news from The Ostrich or the ‘main-stream media,’  since they usually maintain a safe distance from icky story lines, especially when it involves their favored entrenched political elites.  Matters only get worse when their investors are, well, well-connected.  Can you say Sussman-Pingree boys and girls?

So it’s time you get up to speed.  Herewith, some reading for you.

Violent Offender Threatens Governor, MaineHousing Fails to Report

It was a gun threat against Maine Governor Paul LePage by an alleged violent offender.

And yet, according to Maine Housing information manager Deborah Turcotte, the Maine State Housing Authority never reported the threat to the police. Neither did MSHA contact the governor’s security detail.

Spending Spree: Gift cards, catering, and travel top list of hundreds of thousands in questionable Maine Housing expenses

Documents obtained by The Maine Wire show the Maine State Housing Authority has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars per year on extraneous expenses – including gift cards, catering, travel, education, and consultants.

UPDATE: Maine Housing Spent Millions on Travel, Training

Travel spending has risen 137% in last five years, training has risen 287%

Data obtained by The Maine Heritage Policy Center as part of a Freedom of Access Act request shows the Maine State Housing Authority spent millions on travel and training expenses over the last 12 years.

If you haven’t already, maybe you should add The MaineWire to your regular reading routine.  You can sign up to get an email when new stories are posted.

The above are examples of breaking, well founded news that’s not fit to print for your established media outlets.  So maybe you should ask yourselves just what purpose they really serve, especially when it comes to their self-identified roles as government watchdogs and guardians of freedom.  Yah, sure.

It’s beginning to look more and more that their number one priority is getting together once a year and lavishing each other with numerous “awards.”  And paying their property taxes on time doesn’t even make their top ten in one well known case.

Now that we think about it, the newspaper awards are getting more and more like the practice in kids soccer; you show up, you get an award.  Everybody gets a trophy. 

What else should we have expected?

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