Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Family pocket book issues…huh?

We’ve scrupulously avoided getting into partisan commentary on the upcoming election.  Not that anyone wonders which grassy knoll this reporter views things from.  However comma we picked up on something last night in the debate coverage that simply must be addressed and stamped with our sticker.

Birth Control Pills

As we understand it, the President asserted that ‘contraception is a family pocket book issue,’ and thus we (you, me, everyone who pays income taxes) should pay for other people’s birth control expenses.

As one participant on a forum said, try comparing the cost of contraceptives to the cost of raising a child!  Not to mention that we understand pills run in the range of $10 a month.

Our point here is to ask if being ‘a family pocket book issue’ is the threshold for what we should expect the government to pay for.  For those who think it is, ponder the consequences of such a stand.

Here in our cozy little family, we have no shortage of ‘family pocketbook issues.’  Try food, clothing, property taxes, pay per bag trash bags, phone, internet, electricity, gasoline, house and car insurance, fuel oil, paper products, dog food, donuts, etc.  Then there’s vitamins, aspirin, ibuprofen, adult beverages, and other remedies to reconcile us with our fates.

Others may find that beer, cigarettes, and laxatives are ‘family pocket book issues.’  What about 5 hour energy shots and other elixirs of our age?  And lottery tickets and scratch cards?

So when should we expect the rest of you to chip in for our necessities?  And while we’re at it, we’d like to know where our 18 tax cuts are. 

We can’t remember a single one.  But we’ve got a pretty good fix on a significant tax increase that we’re facing in a matter of months.

It’s probably necessary so the government can pay for all those things we listed above.  We just need to know whether we’ll be placing our orders on a new government web site a la Amazon, or instead have to file claims for everything we buy so we can get reimbursed.

Either way, it looks like employment will be increasing in SOME sectors.

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