Monday, October 15, 2012

The Ostrich: 3rd place, no matter which way you look at it.

We noticed today that The Ostrich is trumpeting its award for “third place among all Maine daily newspapers in the General Excellence category — in Maine Press Association’s annual Better Newspaper Contest.”

As we understand it, the ‘daily newspapers’ list in Maine consists of the following seven:

Bangor Daily News
Journal Tribune
Kennebec Journal
Morning Sentinel
Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram
Sun Journal
The Times Record

In our view, the Kennebec Journal, the Morning Sentinel, and the Press Herald are effectively one daily, since they all belong to the Sussman-Pingree media empire.  So editorially speaking, the list really has five entries.  Add to that the content sharing arrangement the Sun Journal has with the Bangor Daily News, and The Times Record to some degree, and you could argue there are really more like four editorially distinct dailies in Maine.

That assertion means The Ostrich came in third in a four or five horse race for the general excellence title.

Which means they came in second for least general excellence amongst their daily peers if you turn the rankings upside down.

Or, if it makes you feel better, third least excellent.

They can take some solace, we suppose, that these awards are in the “Better Newspaper Contest,” not the “Best Newspaper Contest.”

The bar is pretty low here, obviously, but you know the old saying.

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