Sunday, October 7, 2012

Maine Wire: Angus King & Alan Caron–Maine’s ‘colorful’ political animals, in a manner of speaking


Excerpts from the full column:

A few weeks back, I wrote on the subject of partisanship here on The Maine Wire. In so many words, I suggested that Angus King is a skillful political opportunist wearing an “independent” overcoat because it offers the best chance to fulfill his personal ambitions—much the same as embracing wind power offered the best chances for milking the government subsidy cash cow. I stand by that view. (You can read King’s manifesto here.)

In his first column, Caron appeared in the magic Technicolor Dream coat of “independence,” which positions him fluidly on the spectrum of political life styles: liberal, GOP, bi-political and trans-political (LGBT). He hams it up in his role, embracing Angus King’s senate candidacy, because of his legendary stature on the imaginary independent axis.

Read the entire piece here:

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