Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A note from the head office…

We’re working on several other articles, all in need of a bit  more information before we finalize them.

For the nonce, we give you this update to the workings of our media empire.  If you look just to the right of this item, you should see the red sidebar column listing the blog topics, subject areas, quote of the day, and other miscellany.

At the very top, you should now see a “Subscribe via email” heading, with a link just below it.  Click on that link, and in theory, you can arrange to get an email notification when a new post appears on our site.

We’ve had some Ostrich like thoughts about this new feature.  Like setting things up so that you only see the first sentence and a half of the new post, and then requiring you to become a paid subscriber to our print edition to see the rest.

Or offering you an ‘on-line’ subscription for slightly less.

Don’t worry; so far, our nobler self has prevailed over the profit driven COO we have on staff.

Matter of fact, we just checked with Igor, and it says we don’t have a print edition.

Yet, that is.

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