Monday, February 4, 2013

Afterthought on a recent post….

A few hours ago, we posted “In case you didn’t know….,” which included a link to a newspaper article posted today.  That article included glowing statements from Patricia Quinn, Executive Director of NNEPRA.

Here’s a sample:

But Quinn at the Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority says passenger rail's real advantage is as an economic development tool, prompting real estate developments and attracting businesses while reducing road congestion.

Since then, it helped prompt … a $30 million hotel complex in Brunswick.

"It's helped revitalize communities, create more jobs and improve the quality of life, and it's also the most environmentally friendly form of transportation. It's an economic engine for the region."

As we walked our dogs, we pondered these pronouncements and became angrier and angrier.

Anyone who believes this hype should also accept that passenger rail caused the failure of The Daniel Stone Inn, and the loss of the private investment that brought it back to life. Not to mention the failure of Back Street Bistro and Lilee’s Public Ale House, among other local enterprises.

The truth is that free taxpayer money at the federal level ‘prompted’ the investment of free taxpayer money at the local level.  Yes sir, yes sir, three bowls full comes to mind.

We’ll deal with ‘reducing road congestion;’ improving ‘quality of life;’ and ‘environmentally friendly form of transportation’ in future posts.

For now, we should call for backing up a truck to haul the load away.  No, wait – a series of freight cars would be more appropriate.

We’re tempted to repeat our time-worn bromide about ‘all politicians being son-of-a-bitches, except our guy, who is OUR son-of-a-bitch.’

But in this case, it seems like ‘wizzing away free taxpayer money from the federal government leads to wizzing away free taxpayer money from local government’ is more appropriate, and that’s a terrible thing.

Unless we’re wizzing it away for OUR benefit.

In closing, remember this: flies cause garbage.

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