Friday, February 8, 2013

Other Side Staffing Update


“There comes a time in the affairs of man when he must take the bull by the tail and face the situation.”  - W. C. Fields.

‘Truer words…,’ as they say.  And lord knows there’s more than enough bull to face around here.

So we’ve decided to use our excess profits here at Other Side Media to expand our staff, in hopes of providing even more effective coverage, and greater diversity of viewpoint.  Things always look different from the back of the bull than they do from the front of the bull, and we’re here to help you see and understand the difference.

Here’s the new staff line-up:

B. S. Balderdash: an intern who will, from time to time, be given a chance to author an item, but will have to prove to us that he has what it takes by handling other entry level chores first, like hitting the street for research, and bull on the street interviews.

LT Benjamin Dover: known to his friends as Ben, Dover last made an appearance on Side in this item.  He’s been hanging around the office lately, asking if he could do some free lance work.  We don’t have any lance work that needs doing, but as long as he’ll do it for free, what’s the harm of letting him hang around?  Everybody deserves a chance, don’t they?  And we’re pretty sure that soon enough we’ll stumble upon something that needs lancing.

W. T. Fugawy: we recently received an application from Fugawy, backed up with a couple of laudatory phone calls from references, and based on what they had to say, we’ve decided to give the kid a chance.  The references said that while Fugawy is not very good at knowing where he is, he has an uncanny sense of not knowing which way to go from there.  We concluded this would provide a much needed alternate universe view of things hereabouts, which should double or triple our readership.

P. C. Poppycock: founder and publisher.  Peaches and cream, writer supreme, God’s gift to readers.  We’re very proud of our role in this enterprise, and we pledge to maintain the humility you’ve come to expect from us.  Much as we regret having to say it, we’re ever so aware that Other Side is nothing without us.  Many say it’s nothing with us either, but hey, they can spend $100 or more a year watching what an Ostrich does.

In closing then, pick a bull, grab it by the tail, and come on along for the ride.  We expect this to be a fertile year here in Perfect, or as it’s known officially, Brunswick.  From the looks of things, there’s nowhere to go but up.

Except down.

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