Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday Morsels

Re: Question of the Week

On Friday last we posted a question deriving from this frequently seen bumper sticker:

The question was this:

‘rhetorically speaking, how many of those who display such a bumper sticker on their car think Obamacare is a breakthrough in ‘social justice,’ and are resolutely ‘pro-choice?’

Where we were headed, we’re sure you realize, is to point out the cognitive dissonance involved.  In our editorial mind, we’re damn certain those who display this bumper wisdom and similar shibboleths are social welfare state zealots of the first order.  Especially when it comes to believing that Obamacare is a miracle of the ages, a gift from the mythical gods of Washington who wish to control every aspect of our existence.

Put aside the fact that it represents the most egregious example of ‘politicians thinking your body is their business,’ and far worse.  This ‘law’ takes government control of our bodies to new extremes; regulating every aspect of our health care from pre-birth to death, and in the process, erasing ‘choice’ as a fundamental of how we deal with such very personal, very private, very intimate matters.  HIPPA anyone? 

“Stay out of our bedrooms?  Keep your laws off my body?”

How about ‘stay out of our lives, and keep your laws off our wallets?’

No; it seems like it’s much more fashionable to be politically correct hypocrites.  As depressing as that sounds, it seems to be the order of the day.

Re: Oxford & Horowitz

The hits just keep on coming for this established act.  While the latest reports don’t specifically name FLee Bailey and Johnny Protocols, you can almost smell their influence in the tactics.

Read the latest here.  The highlights include:

In an effort to forestall the eviction of Oxford Aviation from its headquarters, President James Horowitz has transferred the company to himself and filed for personal bankruptcy.

On Nov. 12, Horowitz signed over all property, assets, inventory and leaseholder interests held by Oxford Aviation to himself for $1, then filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Once again we’re reminded of MRRA’s serious flirtation with Horowitz, and we can’t help but wonder whether Klapmeier won’t follow in his footsteps.

We’ll close with this graphic that seems all too appropriate, and which we had intended to use in other items.  We reserve the right to do so, if you don’t mind.

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