Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wal-Mart in your backyard

We’ve written before about the scale of the MLF proposed by NNEPRA in the Bouchard Drive neighborhood.  The planned building is over 600 feet wide, and 37 feet high.


It’s hard to get a grasp of just how big that is when you live in a world of single family houses, some one story, some two story, and other edifices of similar scale.

Knowing that the local super Wal-Mart is of roughly the same scale, we decided to visit there today and capture the magnitude of that structure.  

The first thing we can tell you is that even with a very wide angle lens on our camera, we could barely take in the sweep of the building when we stood at the outer limits of their parking lot.


And now that we paste that photo here, we are even more convinced that there is no way to give you a guttural sense of what that MLF will mean to the in town neighborhood.

Here’s another angle:


Can you imagine having a structure like this over your back fence?  We know that the proposed MLF is 37 feet high.  Our best guess is that the average height of the Wal-Mart building is about 20 feet, and that the height of the two or three ‘towers' might be about 30 feet.

So if you want to envision the impact on the Bouchard St. neighborhood, you can take the width of the Wal-Mart, increase the average height by 10 feet or more, and then make it vibrate, hum, and spew diesel fumes beyond anything the town of Brunswick has ever known.

But it will be well worth it; in town restaurants should sell a few more hamburgers a day.  How can you not like this?

While we’re at it, now that the election is over, we can’t help but wonder where the House of Sartoris and Jane (Sally Sellit) stand on this plan.  Neither could be bothered to participate in our candidate forum.

So we probably shouldn’t expect them to report in on subjects that really matter either.  You don’t want to mess up your chances for re-election.

Even if you haven’t been sworn in for your first term.

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  1. When idiots can convince people that passenger rail is a viable business what do you expect to be the next scam? I've seen the train, it is one engine and five cars at most since they cannot even fill more than one and need to keep moving the empty ones around so it doesn't look like the Toonerville Trolley. I notice from their photo there are three doors which tells me they are planning for a future expansion which means that in their planning they figure about 20% of the population of Brunswick will be commuting to Portland because there will be no jobs in Brunswick save those associated with the government. All I can say is that these people must be products of the public school system.