Friday, November 8, 2013

OMG; we forgot again!

Side’s bad judgment

We’re getting really good at being bad about remembering every last item we intended to include in our room-inations on life here in Cape Brunswick.

For example, we forgot to mention the recent advertisement we saw for “Non-judgmental Dentistry” now available here in town.

We don’t mean to demean the dentist and his team, who are undoubtedly sincere about creating an ‘open and affirming’ climate in their dental practice.

But by-dam it, at some point, this bizarre inclination to embrace and trade on politically correct, fashionable pop psycho-babble has to stop.  Should we expect the Big Top Deli to start offering ‘non-partisan’ Reuben's? 

Or Frosty’s to start promoting twists that ‘reach across the aisle?’

Would you take your vehicle into a shop that brags about their ‘tolerant’ repair services?

What the hell does such mumbo-jumbo even mean?  That is, other than that those who apply it have taken due note of irrational modern day discourse, and are doing their level best to avoid ‘offending’ anyone for any reason.

We say offend away.  We’d much rather have a dentist tell us that we’ve really screwed up on our personal dental habits.  At least then we might be motivated to improve them. 

VAV boxes, the McClellan Building, and you

How could we possibly have forgotten to include this aspect of town government transition into the sub-standard, poorly maintained McClellan building?

We’ll tell you how.  Because even we have our limits on disbelief.  We read some things and say: ‘Shirley, this can’t be true; it must be our cynicism run amok.’

You might not understand if you’ve never run amok.  You really should give it a try.  Nothing can boost your self-esteem like running a good mok.

But for now, we give you this:

During a presentation prior to the McLellan discussion, Alex Anesko, chairman of the town’s Recycling and Sustainability Committee, recommended both an energy audit be performed on the McLellan building and that numerous old and inefficient systems be replaced with newer, more energy-stingy appliances.

He described the building’s VAV boxes, which heat air with electric coils and circulate it through the boxshaped building using convection. He described them as “little toasters,” and said they are “a terribly inefficient way to heat air and push it around that way.”

Among Anesko’s recommendations are a heating system that heats water with a boiler and uses radiational warming to disperse heat, motion sensors to control the overhead lights, and swapping exterior incandescents for light-emitting diode, or LED, bulbs.

Ka-ching, ka-ching, as the saying goes.  You need to be afraid, very afraid, anytime a town official uses the words “sustainability, energy audit, terribly, inefficient, energy-stingy, and replaced.”

You need to be even more afraid when the same official uses the words “VAV boxes, boxshaped, little toasters, and inefficient.”  Not to mention “radiational, motion sensors, and LED bulbs.”

Why?  Because as we’ve told you, Jane and the House of Sartoris are more than likely to cite these as rationale to ‘invest’ at least $1 million more to help us save money on town offices.  They’ll point out, among other things, that the McClellan is ‘more than ten years old!’

Remember, the more you spend, the more the town can save.

And best of all, you asked for it.  Which makes us think that if your abode is more than ten years old, it may be time to change out your VAV boxes.  And switch to LED bulbs all around.

We have an idea; if it’s up to us who are not part of government to pay for these improvements to town facilities, wouldn’t it be fair and just for government to pay for the same improvements to our personal facilities?

Talk about saving money!  Can you imagine?  It could even lead to a local mok shortage.

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