Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bowdoin: Ground zero for economic justice…

File this report under “Bowdoin’s commitment to sending out students committed to social and economic justice.”

Paula Volent, senior vice president for investments, remained Bowdoin’s highest-paid employee during the 2011 calendar year, a position she has held since she bypassed President Barry Mills in the 2007 fiscal year according to a November 2008 Orient article. She earned $873,686 in total in 2011,

At $499,824, Mills’ earnings ranked third, behind Volent and William Torrey, who stepped down as senior vice president for planning and development in 2011. Torrey made $552,311, a 78.5 percent increase—from $309,333 the year before—that Mills attributed to a retirement package.

We had hoped to post the visual here, but that wasn’t possible.  So you’ll have to go to the article itself.  And for you data junkies, the article provides this link to the source document:

Volent, the article points out, is responsible for managing Bowdoin’s Billion Dollar endowment.  So we doubt you’ll find this poster hanging in her office, which we recall, may actually be in New York….


You know what they say: ‘one person’s poverty and suffering is another person’s college endowment.’

In the same issue of The Orient, you’ll find this item, juxtaposed to the above:

Be sure to read the comments on this one!  The immediate impression is that in Bowdoin’s ‘sphere of influence,’ there is more than one ‘world view.’  As we’ve written before, Bowdoin would not be the place it is without the benefit of great personal fortunes, most, if not all, made on Wall Street and in other forms of greedy capitalism.


And we sure hope the highly paid appreciate the fact that the town of Brunswick lets the college off the hook on what would otherwise be monumentally large property taxes.

We wonder how much ‘inner conflict’ there is at the Ivory Tower over such cognitive dissonance.  Perhaps a course should be created to cover such duplicity.                


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