Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Freebies Postscript

After we posted an FF item earlier today, we left for lunch downtown, as is our habit.  As Chance would have it, as he usually does, we stumbled (almost literally) upon two more items to pass along briefly.

We were strolling the Great Impasta/Frosty’s block on our way to the Big Top Deli.  As we did, we noticed that the condition of the brick paved sidewalks were the worst we could ever recall.  Besides the undulations, there were numerous cracked and crumbling pavers.


That’s bad enough.  For the first time, however, we came across sidewalk ‘potholes’ that had been patched with asphalt.  What a lovely site it was.  We’ll try to get a picture or two in the next few days.

We wonder now how long it will be before we hear about the need to ‘replace and/or rebuild the charming brick sidewalks that are vital to the economic vitality of the community.’  And that just like the schools, they’ve ‘reached their useful design lives, and if we don’t spend the money now, we’ll be making things much worse, and the town may have to shut down.’  Not to mention that ‘people move to Brunswick because of our great sidewalks.’

Any guesses as to how much it will cost?

The other item pertains to our dear student friends at Bowdoin, and the reports on their frolics in the Bowdoin Orient.  It’s been some time since we’ve found a copy at the Big Top, and the one we found today was relatively uninteresting, except for this tidbit in the ‘Security Report.’

• A student at an off-campus “No Pants Party” cut his leg on a shard of glass from a broken beer bottle. An officer escorted the student to Mid Coast Hospital.

We’re wondering whether the shard jumped up and cut his leg, or his leg lowered itself to the shard’s level.  It doesn’t matter of course, and we sincerely hope Mr. No Pants has fully recovered.

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  1. The BDC recently granted the Brunswick Downtown Association $250,000 to divvy up as they see fit for "facade improvement" to downtown businesses. I think there should be some public pressure on the BDC to plan and pay for brick sidewalk repair and replacement as needed.