Thursday, May 22, 2014

Breaking News: Jacquie P resigns from Sewer District Board of Trustees


We expect to have more details in a subsequent report, but we’re told by a reliable source that The Ostrich is hard on a story that Jacquie P, otherwise known as JP2 here on Side, has just resigned from the Board of Trustees of the Brunswick Sewer District.  Piranha apparently prefer cleaner waters than those involved in sewage processing.

A somewhat related news story, giving some insight into possible political infighting, can be found here:

The BDN version of the story has a stock “I am your hero” picture of Johnny Protocols, known as JP1, running with the story.  This leads us to suspect a delicious food fight may well be underway.

From what we observe, JP2 is locked in a losing primary battle with Ralph Tucker to ascend to the Legislative seat of Charlie Priest, who is termed out.  Priest is also the Chairman of the Board of the Sewer Trustees, oddly enough.

We’re thinking personal political ambitions are at the very heart of this unfolding story, along with long standing ‘relationships.’  While we’re no authority in the underlying socio-political forces at play, we can’t help but believe that JP2 is making a desperation move to preserve any chance she might have to move from sewer management to a role in the larger buried pipelines of Augusta.


Playing a leadership role in the handling of local sewage, we suppose, prepares one well for legislating in Augusta. 

But it looks like JP2 might be getting her pipes cleaned in the upcoming primary.  Oh well, there’s always joining the board that manages the landfill and pay per bag processing to make another run at the big hill.

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