Saturday, May 17, 2014

Is there trouble in “Perfect?”


Could it be that mere months after the ‘new directions’ episode leading to the departure of former, now nearly forgotten Mr. Manager, new trouble is bubbling in our communal cauldron?

Only the shadow knows, and we don’t think we’ll bother to ask him to check in, since every request in the past has ended up in nada.

If you’re wondering why we even raise such a possibility, wander no further than the passage just below in the recent Forecaster lead article,  under the headline “School chief balks at request for 4th school option.” 

The School Board's desire for another option to ease elementary school overcrowding prompted a sharp rebuke Wednesday from the superintendent of schools.

"Frankly, the indecision of the board is creating a very difficult, almost hostile work environment for us," Superintendent Paul Perzanoski said. "Please, make up your mind, and do it soon, because my staff and I have really had about enough."

The board has been debating the matter for the better part of two years.

Perzanoski made his comments shortly before the board voted 5-4 to gather information on splitting up the student population to create two kindergarten-through-fifth-grade elementary schools.

We’re  pretty certain Super PP isn’t a pitcher, at least in the literal sense, so we’ll be extra vigilant to see if this is an iceberg tip revealing itself, or simply sparks from a school train hitting a stretch of out of spec rails.  Emphasis above is ours, editorially speaking, but reflects the rhetorical mood of Mr. Superintendent, we think.

Given the bumpy road ahead in planning for $25-50 million in new school construction, things should only get more ‘interesting.’


So we should all be listening for the whistle telling us the local tea kettle is aboil. 

Even you, Councilor Wilson.

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  1. In 2004 the town had 3400 students and in 2013 this number was down to just over 2400. I'd like to know where all of these students are coming from and if its from Brunswick Landing their education, by law, is the responsibility of Brunswick Landing's governing body, the MRRA.