Saturday, June 27, 2015

A word to the "wise?"

We realize that the item we just came across could be some sort of publishing anomaly.

Never-the-less, we want to suggest that John Swinconeck, named the new Managing Editor at the Times Record just yesterday, not get too, too comfy in that top level position.

At least if you look here:

Note in particular the date, which in our universe at least, is today.

Welcome aboard, John.  At least we think so.

You have a proud heritage to protect, no matter how brief your stay.

Benevolent industry colleague that we are, we think we should also offer a word for Michelle: you might want to take that listing down, Madame Publisher.

But thanks for reminding us that attention to detail has always been one of the Times Record's prominent characteristics.

1 comment:

  1. It's still there today...Sunday!

    So we're guessing Michelle isn't a regular reader of ours.

    Or John is in for a big surprise.

    Let's hope for his sake it's the former.