Friday, June 5, 2015

Symptoms of Railafeeliyoma appearing in town officials….

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Just as we feared, the community health scourge of Railafeeliyoma has spread to town officials.  Last night we wrote this:
Which is why today we feel a duty to ask if you’ve been taking Xamtrako?  Or Consultafin?
Both have been linked to budget bleeding, runny public blather, oily official behavior, toxic emissions, euphoric bladder discharge, irrationality, starry eyes, gullibility, and other known symptoms of Railafeeliyoma.  This disease seems to be spreading rapidly throughout Maine, with various cities letting their guards down, and ignoring warnings by those already affected with the symptoms.
Why do we make this assertion, and what proof do we have?  Look no further than this passage from yesterday’s Portland newspaper (
But only two of the nine councilors opposed the project, said Kathy Wilson, an at-large council member who supported it.
Wilson said a vocal minority of 20 or 30 people opposed the project, while the rest of the town supported it by a margin of 10-1 – based on the phone calls and emails she received from constituents who believe it will help improve train service.
“I heard from a lot of people,” she said. “They like the train service, and in the long run it will bring economic benefits to the town and many businesses up on Maine Street.”  (emphasis ours)

We can’t help but wonder when “the long run” begins.  It’s been two and a half years of train “service” already, and the number of empty business spaces seems to be increasing.
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But we suppose Railafeeliyoma Wayne, noted transportation economist, would dismiss such factors as ‘unsubstantiated and anecdotal.’  “Consultants tell us the more empty retail and office spaces the better; it gives business start-ups more choices on where to locate,” he’d probably add.  And then he’d reach into his pocket for a few more Xamtrako chewables, and offer some to others.

With the chewable version, you don’t need to have Kool-Aid handy to wash then down.  Though it does heighten the efficacy.

Wonder if they’re carrying both in the Downeaster Café cars?

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  1. Unless and until bus service to Logan specifically and points south in general are outlawed by fiat, train service in Maine is dead on arrival. Also, it turns out that those public domain takings that are the land on which the tracks lie can be legally repurposed.