Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Brunswick Growth: A Photo Essay

We were out and about today running some errands, and had a camera with us.  In a rare instance of presence of mind, we decided to capture some views of what we saw.

We’ll be very brief in our words, because…….well, you know the old saying.  Here’s the North end of the Cooks Corner Shopping Area…with a nice continuous row of vacant retail spaces.  We thought the old Bookland spot would be perfect for a Trader Joe’s or a smaller Marden’s, what with plenty of parking adjacent.

Ain’t gonna happen.

Then we headed over to Merrymeeting Plaza, whose current condition is nicely summarized on the sign at the entrance.

We’ve generally thought that Shaw’s is stubbornly hanging on there, likely by a thread.  How much longer can they hold out?  We think we just heard they’re closing some other stores in the state.

We didn’t bother to count the number of vacant ‘units,’ but that’s a long stretch without any signs in the shot below.

Plus one mighty stretch of parking lot to go with it:

Here’s one more shot facing in the opposite direction.

Keep in mind this little essay doesn’t address the vacant properties on Pleasant Street and Maine Street.

We’re reminded of some years back when BNAS closure was the big news in town.  We remember local loonies writing to the paper, confidently predicting that “Brunswick will continue to grow,”  in spite of the loss of 600 plus school students, and thousands of adults.

                             Image result for All aboard brunswick

Now in this ‘modern’ era, we have the All Aboard Brunswick ladies, who lead the cheering throngs pointing to the economic benefits the Downeaster brings to our town.  So much so that no proof is necessary, or offered.

You needn’t worry your pretty little heads, though.  The latest increase in the property tax rate should serve to extend prevailing economic growth trends in these here parts.

We salute our duly diligent town officials for their foresight and critical thinking in addressing these matters.  We all know by now that continuously increasing property taxes have nothing to do with retail space costs.  That is true, isn’t it?  Be honest now…we’re not gullible like all the others.


For years, we’ve referred affectionately to our local newspaper of record as The Ostrich.  Under the circumstances, perhaps we’ll have to rename the town as well.  Cape Brunswick, Lake Basebegone, and the other nicknames seem woefully inadequate to current circumstances.

    Image result for loons 

Between the shrieking of the loons and the antics of town leaders, perhaps we should apply for status as a Wild Life Sanctuary, complete with official signage everywhere.

Until that happens, keep your fingers crossed that the Crooker Property in Topsham doesn’t have a future as the next phase of the Topsham Fair Mall.  If that happens, our local economic landscape should be in for some stupendous growth numbers.

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