Saturday, November 4, 2017

How about a few laughs?


After what we’ve been through in the way of traumatic consequences of the recent storm, we think it’s time for everyone to get a few yuks.  Most of us can only be serious and stressed out for so long.  Thank goodness we have Bowdoin College, and your ever watchful correspondent, to bring you a little levity.


As usual, we picked up the latest edition of the Bowdoin Orient when we enjoyed our lunch at the Big Top Deli yesterday.  Our state of mind lightened up measurably when we turned to page two and read the “Security Report.”  Herewith the items that gave us the greatest amusement:

  • A student reported a squirrel acting odd near the south door to Winthrop Hall.  (From what we’ve read over the years, it would make more sense to have a squirrel report that a student was acting odd near any door of any campus building.)


  • An officer checked on the condition of a student who reported an adverse reaction to marijuana edibles.  (Apparently, cause and effect are not part of the rigorous curriculum offered at Bowdoin.)


We can only wonder whether the odd squirrel behavior and the marijuana edibles are connected.  Shirley the Bowdoin Security Office is looking into this possible connection.

And here’s one more:

  • An intoxicated student (ya think??) walking past a security officer yelled “f**k security!”  The student offered to write a sincere letter of apology.  (Good thing it’s a “sincere” letter, or it might have seemed a hollow gesture.)

Don’t lose sight of the fact that twenty years from now, these very students could well be billionaire hedge fund managers, or be managing the 401(k) assets of your progeny.  What a comforting thought.

Changing subjects a bit, the paper included a feature article on what we used to call a “senior” in an item titled “Portrait of an artist.”  The subject student identifies as a writer of creative non-fiction, a skill she has advanced in her time at Bowdoin.

Harking back to the earlier post in which we highlighted “intersectionality,” we find the caption for her photo particularly timely:

CREATIVE NONFICTION: Through writing, Carly Berlin ’18 grapples with the intersections of her identity as a southerner in New England with a Jewish upbringing and a rich family history.”

Now we’re forced to contemplate whether our introduction of the subject in that prior post might leave you grappling; we certainly hope not.  But if you are, that diagram we included should help you untangle yourself.

The main reason we pass along this item is because we found the interview included several repeated words and or phrases that struck us as verbal tics entirely inappropriate to one who considers herself a writer, and hopes to work in the field.  Especially one completing her fourth year at a paragon of elite liberal arts education.

Just for fun, why don’t you take a quick read to see if you  notice what we did.  You can find it here:

I think, like, that our reaction may have something to do with, like, our odd way of seeing things. 

We’re curious to know, like, what you think.

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  1. I guess it all started with Jimmy Carter and the "rabid" rabbit.