Saturday, November 4, 2017

Time for a little vocabulary work…


One of the consequences of the Social Justice Warrior environment we live in is a simultaneous revision AND expansion of the classical “English” vocabulary most of us grew up with.  Keeping track of the various new terms and their implications can leave one feeling, well, verklempt.

The item we’re about to pass along is something of an embarrassment to us, since it reports on events taking place at our Alma Mater.  To be clear, we graduated from Rutgers more than 50  years ago, and it was a much different place when we were there.  It was established in 1766, before our country’s founding, and nearly 30 years before Bowdoin College came into being.  When we attended, the student body numbered 3,000, and the campus ambience was reminiscent of the Bowdoin you know today, complete with a quintessential “quad,” and original buildings of architectural distinction.

Sadly, that Rutgers is no more, and it hasn’t been the Rutgers we knew for decades.

So anyway, here’s the item we’re passing along to help you develop your vocabulary, and your understanding of the cultural narratives coming out of academia in this age.

It’s a pretty long read, but in our view, is illuminating, especially if you aren’t WOKE to campus shenanigans these days.  Vocabulary, what passes for reasoning, and any number of other vageries are discussed.  But if you don’t feel up to trudging throught it all, make sure you at least get your arms around the concept of intersectionality, which is the au courant buzz-word in social justice rhetoric at the moment.

The article includes this illustration, which we present separately here in hopes you can read it a bit more easily.

Intersecting Axes

We hope you can determine how many of the various “intersecting axes” it takes to indentify YOUR unique place in the galaxy of oppression, and once you do, please write back to us so we can publish what will surely become the replacement for your old fashioned genealogy.  No more “23 and me.”  You just need to fess up to all the parameters that make you an enemy of social justice, in a way you simply cannot overcome.

Don’t you wish your parents had spent $60,000 a year to send you to college to become this enlightened?

And aren’t you glad that the students of today, who are marinating in this mumbo-jumbo, are “our future?”

Is this a great country or what?

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