Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The publisher of this Blog certifies to the following:

No animals have been harmed or will be harmed in the publishing of this Blog.
  • While you may visit here and come across the goring of an ox, the skewering of a sacred cow, the beating of a dead horse, someone barking at the moon, the temptation of the lemmings, the plucking of a peacock, or the trampling of a slithering snake in the grass, rest assured that only dummy animals have been used.
  • Should you encounter someone squealing like a stuck pig or running around like a chicken with their head cut off after reading something here, their injuries are self-inflicted.
The carbon footprint of this Blog is negative.
  • No fossil energy of any sort is consumed by the publisher in the day to day posting and monitoring of this Blog.
  • Some who visit here may hyperventilate or blow their top off over what they read; both will help save the planet in one way or another, and poppycock and I are proud to inspire such acts of altruism.
  • The body temperature of some readers will elevate while they visit, allowing them to turn down the heat and doff a layer or two of synthetic fiber clothing.

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