Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Maine's own ACORN?

I plan to write frequently and at length about the general subjects of "economic and social justice" as used by the left to build sympathy for transitioning the American experiment to a statist system of wealth redistribution founded on a centrally planned economy.

For the moment, to pique your interest, I herewith forward the stated objective of Maine's Non-Profit Industrial Complex.

Specifically, from the "Maine Association of Independent Neighborhoods," (whatever the hell that means!):

M.A.I.N.'s Statement of Economic Rights

Everyone in Maine has the right to have their basic needs met regardless of their financial capabilities. Society must guarantee that these basic needs will include but are not limited to: work with dignity; food and clothing; secure, affordable, permanent shelter; accessible and affordable health care; quality, accessible and affordable child care; and to a standard of living that is adequate for their economic security and well-being.

To be more specific, they enumerate these "rights" as shown below. Remember, the operative definition of a "right" is that someone else has an obligation to provide it.

Economic Bill of Rights for Maine

The following rights are guaranteed by society:

1) Every individual has a right to human dignity, and to be treated with respect.

2) Every individual has the right to the opportunity to provide the basic needs of his/her family through each person's own best efforts and the shared commitment of everyone in Maine by productive work and quality public services.

3) Every individual has a right to a safe and clean environment that will be sustained economically in a way that protects and preserves the environment for future generations.

4) Every individual has the right to participate in the political decision-making processes that affect all of our lives.

5) Every individual has a right:

  • To productive work with equal pay for equal or comparable work,
  • To seek ones choice of employment,
  • To protections against the ill effects of unemployment, and
  • To freedom from discrimination in obtaining their basic needs.

6) Every individual has a right:

  • To form and join labor unions and other groups which protect their interests,
  • To bargain collectively on issues such as pay and working conditions,
  • To strike without fear of reprisals, and
  • To work in businesses or cooperatives which provide maximum opportunities for economic democracy.

7) Every individual has a right to education or training to obtain the skills that allow her/him to participate in the Maine economy, and at a level that will provide all of their family's needs.

8) Every individual has a right to access financial resources and services, including but not limited to, savings or checking accounts, loans and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA).

9) Every individual has a right to access quality legal services regardless of their ability to pay.


  1. I got a kick out of the checking account "right". Banks have a way of winnowing out the deadbeats who have stiffed other banks and credit unions in their past and prevent them from opening accounts. Apparently, these folks take exception to that.

  2. After looking somewhat diligently, I find no list of "members" for MAIN. Shall we believe this is intentional? I agree - they must me Maine's ACORN.

    Dave White