Thursday, June 11, 2009

Why this blog is here

It's always good to ask why we/you are here. I've been to a lot of meetings over the years where those who called it had difficulty answering the question, which is not a good sign.

So why this blog? Here's a few reasons that come to mind:
  • Because I'm a Germano, a child of humble parents who met as teenagers in the Lipton Tea factory in Jersey City, NJ, and who never graduated from high school, but somehow managed to overcome their oppression at the hands of the ruling aristocracy and helped their five children rise above the humble roots of their immigrant balogna slicing chicken plucking grandparents.
  • And I carried that heritage forward by marrying a full blooded Germana, and we raised a Germano and a Germana of our own, who are now out on their own and getting by in spite of the disadvantage they suffer because of their roots.
  • Because I am convinced that the richness of my long Germano experience makes me a wiser observer of local events and issues than the typical non-Germano Brunswick resident.
  • Because I am cursed with an active mind, full of troublesome thoughts, concerns, and questions, and am cursed as well with a media whose capacity and inclinations serve to repress the full expression of those thoughts and concerns. And I have a wide array of acquaintances who are repressed in the same way.
  • Because what the hell, if you can't find a place to speak your mind in the established media outlets, you should look for other places to do it.
  • Because I'm full of myself and love to hear myself speak and read my own words in print. There, I said it. So any of you surfing here who feel the need to take a shot at me don't have to waste the time and effort; I've already got you covered.
  • Oh...before I forget, I don't take myself that seriously, and no one else does either. If you take yourself too seriously, chances are this editor will detect it immediately and the studio audience will declare your post XXX, as in "wrong answer" Regis.
  • That's it for now; I'm confident that as we evolve over time, other reasons will come to mind.

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