Thursday, June 11, 2009

Favorite books, quotes, restaurants, movies, etc


"Born Liberal, Raised Right," by Reb Bradley. A very straightforward treatise on why our nation is in a state of moral decay, and believe it or not, it is not politically driven. It simply employs common sense (why is it so 'uncommon') to explain how the way we raise our children determines our future, and more than you ever realized.

"America Alone" by Mark Steyn. An extremely well researched and documented analysis of world demographics at this point in history, and what they portend for the future. Steyn is a very witty and engaging author, and he has done his homework. I defy you to read this book and not be concerned about globals shifts in ideological influence. And for those of you who love "old" Europe, be advised it is dying faster than your Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers are fading.


Frosty's Donuts: The real deal; one of a kind. Open only Monday thru Friday from 0-dark-hundred, as they say in the military, to 2pm. Their donuts are worlds apart from Tim Horton's, Dunkin' Donuts, or even Krispy Kreme. Fresh made, on site, every day they're open. When they're gone, they're gone. Original ingredients, original atmosphere. No $4 lattes or double vanilla decaf moccachinos. Just the best donuts, bar none, and a cup-o-Wicked Joe.

Big Top Deli: The guy who owns and runs the place is a bit self-effacing, but they still put out the largest variety of sandwiches in town, with the best quality ingredients. Want something that's not on the menu? Just ask; you'll get shouts of praise for expanding upon the approved offerings, and they'll make it for you, even if it's perceived to fall outside "the mainstream." And you'll enjoy it, because the atmosphere is perfect small town, and one of a kind. The loyal happy-workers in the trenches seem to enjoy working for the imposing owner. The coffee is sometimes a bit luke-warm, but they're willing to nuke it or get you a fresh pot. And if you're lucky, you'll get to see the latest trends in flourescent hair coloring and other forms of "body art" amongst the patrons.
For those of you who enjoy being around and thanking our folks in uniform, Big Top Deli is one of the last places to see them, often with family or friends, and thank them for what they do. And tell them how we'll miss them. Buy them lunch if you have a chance.

Scarlet Begonias: Ok, folks, now we're getting serious. Small town atmosphere meets BYOB meets owner on the premises cooking for you. I don't think it gets any better than this. Doug and Colleen's attention to making you happy is world class. As I tell everyone, Doug is a master of flavor. Absolutely everything they offer, but especially the pizzas, are a revelation of what a well trained, instinctively talented chef can do to make your taste buds happy. I've taken a cooking class from him at Now You're Cooking in Bath, and you should too. There's a reason my spouse periodically says 'it's time for a Scarlet's fix.' I'm ready; let's go. I always leave with a "happy mouth."

Back Street Bistro: Same thing. As I understand it, the folks who own this hidden gem have Fore Street and Royal River Grillhouse credentials in their resume. That's great "genes" in my book. While the atmosphere is a bit rustic, yet warm and cozy, there is no question that they are, like Scarlet's, masters of flavor. Every single aspect of your meal will excite your taste buds, at least if they are similar to mine. The salads, especially, are inventive and memorable, using fruits, cheeses, and other surprises to create taste memories. The entrees, whether meat or seafood, are superb quality and cooked in a way that maximizes your enjoyment. And the last for best, because I am Germano, the mashed potatoes that BSB serves are absolutely the best I have ever tasted. (At least in the last week!) This may be backwards, but a Back Street Cosmo or a classic Martini (forget the other trendy ones, if you're serious) will not disappoint either.

Fairgrounds Cafe: Located in the Fairgrounds Mall in Topsham, this cafe is deservedly doing a land office breakfast business, especially on weekends. They seem to know (most of the time) when you need a coffee refill, without you having to ask. That's our first test of a good breakfast place. Second, the staff have names and remember yours....sort of. All in all, the best place in the immediate Brunswick area to go for a dynamite weekend hot breakfast, and the crowds prove it. I plan to work with them to elevate their biscuits and sausage gravy to world class status, if they'll have me. I'll let you know when I've succeeded.

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