Sunday, September 12, 2010

Comment from “Committee to Elect…”

The message below was received as a comment, and for reasons I can’t determine, when I approved its posting, it was not appended to the selected post.  When I tried again to have it appended, I was unable to.

So in fairness to the one who submitted it, I am posting it here, as received:

Committee to Elect has left a new comment on your post "So that’s what ballots and elections are for!!":

In the spirit of providing opportunities for cognitive dissonance, mischief, and downright distortion of common sense, while at the same time allowing you to tell your elected officials what you think about things they have nothing to do with, or have no say about, you are cordially invited to a pair of legislative candidate forums to be held at our fair Town's public library on Monday, September 13, and Wednesday, September 15, at 7 o'clock in the pm. You will be obliged to sit through a few minutes of blather while the three candidates for District 66 Representative share their thoughts on various topics such as "Redeveloping the Base" and "Transportation," but you will then have your chance to declare your dislike of them and make rude comments about the fact that the current representative not only failed to obtain a majority of the registered voters in District 66 (surely a bar too high for any but the great Gerzofsky), but also failed to obtain even a majority of the votes cast in the election. I would like to close my comment by advising our esteemed editor that I am unable to post this as "anonymous coward," as is my wont, but was forced instead to select a named profile, which I have cleverly done to disguise my true identity.

Now, of course, a curious public wonders whether this comment means the “idiotic” rater has been drawn out, or this is the work of someone else?

The tension mounts.

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