Friday, September 24, 2010

Today’s “kuppa kool aid”

Faithful readers know that this humble (and proud of it) and sincere (whether I mean it or not) correspondent often falls behind in reading the print media, and especially The Ostrich.

And so it is that I am a Poppy-come-lately on some matters.  The stack is nearby, however, and we work items off as we can.

Tonight we come with a brief note regarding Doug Rooks’ (rhymes with Kooks) paid column in The Ostrich on Thursday, September 16th.  It was titled “Getting to know Paul LePage.”  This is one of those columns that cannot be left without comment.

Doug can often be seen squeezing, sorting through, and reshaping the facts to meet his pre-anointed scenario, in this case, that Paul LePage has no experience worthy of becoming Governor of our state.

No one will wonder who I support; no matter.  None-the-less, expecting paid pundits, given a central op-ed page location, complete with a sympathetic photo, to be reasonably truthful and accurate is a non-partisan view.

This is the passage that got our editorial desk cables all in a knot:

What is LePage really like? His only political post of note is mayor of Waterville, a small city, and no one has been in this position — the leading candidate for Maine’s top executive office — with so little experience in two generations.

Of recent governors, John McKernan and John Baldacci had been elected to multiple terms in Congress, Angus King was a prominent businessman and political talk show host, and Joe Brennan was attorney general.

Hey; back up the truck, Doug.  You claim that LePage has only one ‘political post of note,’ while completely ignoring his real life business experience?  And then contrasting it, despairingly, to Angus King, for whom you site NO POLITICAL POST OF NOTE, OR FOR THAT MATTER, OF ANY SORT. 

Then you mention that “Angus King was a prominent businessman,” with no specifics, while completely ignoring LePage’s position as head of the very successful Marden’s chain, with 1200 employees.  I suppose King’s leadership of a legal practice with a half dozen or so employees is more impressive, at least if you’re a windmill fan.

But the pièce de ré·sis·tance, the heart and soul of Rooks’ Kool-Aid cocktail is this: Angus King was a “political talk show host.”  And that is supposed to qualify one to be Governor?

So we suppose then, that in Rooks’ eyes, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage, Neil Boortz, Mark Levin, and numerous others have experience that makes them more qualified than Paul LePage to be Governor of Maine.

Let’s face it; Rooks is a purveyor of pure, unadulterated, left-wing bleeder big government gruel.  Am I jealous that he gets paid for doing so?  You’re damn freakin’ right I am!  Am I angry as hell that the Editors of The Ostrich think they’re fulfilling their role as “government watchdog” by carrying his worthless drivel, and putting food on his table in the process?

Of course I am!  And saying so makes me a good deal more forthcoming and honest than they are.

Now I’ve got to go off and follow up with a post called “Getting to know Doug Rooks,” in which I assert that he has “so little experience in two generations” for being granted his featured position on the Op-Ed page.

As far as I know, he has never been a prominent businessman, or a political talk show host.  So where does he get off lecturing the rest of us on what we should think?

Not that it matters if you are anointed, and like The Ostrich, are engaged in idol worship of the New York Times.

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  1. Can I keep you?


    I spoke with Mr. LePage on Thursday night and listened to him speak. And living in the neighborhood in which I do, please realize that it takes a load of gumption for me to say this out loud (really.. I'm saying this out loud as I write...)but here goes! I LIKE HIM. And... I intend to vote for him.

    I have also spoken with Mr. King, and listened to him speak.

    I'm pretty adept at 'reading' people. I put alot of stock in a handshake and in the meeting of eyes. I know when I'm being 'schmoozed' or patronized, and when I'm being spoken to with sincerety.

    We need a person leading this state who is genuine. A person with common sense and a load of integrity and courage--and a sense of humor wouldn't hurt, either. And we need someone who is not so full of himself that he won't listen to us ordinary citizens or take our words to heart. We need someone who knows what it's like to work for a living.

    Hard-working, brave enough to be unpopular, ethical enough to make tough decisions when they are the right decisions to make... someone who will actually listen to the People and work with them instead of expecting them to work FOR him. We don't need an elitist. We need a real person.

    I think Mr. LePage is what we need. And if folks will listen to him-- really listen to him and not assume they know how he'll lead based on his personal and moral choices-- I think they will come out in force to vote for this man. It is, in my opinion, a vote for HOPE.