Thursday, September 16, 2010

Postscript: “Teacher, I don’t understand!”

As discussed in this article in the post by this name the other day, the Mayor of Washington, D.C. who hired Michelle Rhee to clean up the horrible mess in the city’s government schools was not looking good for re-election to his job in the election two days ago.

Well, the voters turned him out, and in all likelihood, Rhee and her robust and productive efforts to reform the school system will be out of there as well.

Once again, “it’s for the children” turns out to be nothing more than a shibboleth used by the schoolies to beat more money out of the citizenry to benefit the adults.

Tonight’s John Stossel show at 9pm on the Fox Business Network will be about the situation in our schools, and specifically the poor performance in the face of constantly increasing expenditures.

Should be a good watch.

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