Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Ostrich – not looking too good, taxwise.

Update, Thursday, Sept 30th.

Perhaps this whole story was made up; we’ll have to see.  We just scanned the first section of today’s Ostrich, and found no confirmation of the report posted below yesterday.  And if it’s not to be found in the pages of our local government watchdog, how true could it be?


Just came across this published report:

Past deadline: Brunswick Publishing, the company that owns the Times Record afternoon daily paper, has failed to make its last two property tax payments to the town of Brunswick. As a result the town has placed a lien on BP’s property.

BP first missed a tax payment of $36,546.36 in October of 2009, according to town finance director John Eldridge.

Leave it to Al Diamon to dig up this news, and have it appear on Down East Magazine’s web page.

Much as we’re tempted, we here at the offices will refrain from noting that they missed their first payment 4 months after Side began publishing.

Maybe it’s time they get their collective heads out of the sand and pay attention.

And make sure the mail gets opened.


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