Sunday, April 15, 2012

15 April PYMWYMI Update

Here’s the status a week following our last report:

1) Zero ‘imagine’ signs seen around town augmented with a dollar amount.

2) Zero petition listings that mention a dollar amount the signer will gladly pay above and beyond their current tax bill.

3) Zero messages from supporters received at Other Side offices volunteering a specific tax increase amount.

4) And most shocking, shocking, we say, 19 petition signers who all belong to the family ‘xxxxxxx.’

Nothing like leading by example.  Wait till we hand out the little cardboard paddles at upcoming meetings and ask those in attendance to write the amount they are volunteering and hold it up for all to see.  That should make for some great TV on Other Side’s video channel, currently in the planning stages.

To make things more intuitive for one and all, just below is one of those classic little fund-raising thermometers that shows how well the PYMWYMI fund raising drive is doing among the imagine and invest demographic in town.

(Note: the $1 received so far is a loan from Other Side accounts to inspire others; our CFO was unwilling to go any further out on this limb.)


A hearty thanks to all of you who have made your pledges so far, and keep up the good work; Brunswick has always been known as a proud, stand up and be counted community of givers!

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