Thursday, April 12, 2012

The glop thickens: Stangali, MRRA, TIF’s, and tiffs

As you know, this amateur correspondent let his ‘imagination’ run free on the TIF/tiff ‘quid-pro-quo’ subject slightly less than a week ago, inspired by a report on ‘the grapevine.’ 

Our friends at The Forecaster have decided to keep an eye out on this subject, and provided an update today entitled “Brunswick leaders in tiff over TIF legislation; 'a trust problem' with state, MRRA.”

A few quick reactions. 

First, we’re amused by their ‘tiff over TIF’ cleverness; we wish we had thought of that juxtaposition.

Second, the article discloses a fact that we failed to ‘imagine:’ George Gervais, Commissioner of Maine’s Department of Economic and Community Development, is also a Trustee of the MRRA, which adds to the possible dimensions of intrigue.

Third, language like this always helps to allay suspicions:

Steve Levesque, executive director of MRRA, would offer only a brief statement on Wednesday. "We had no knowledge of it," he said, "and I have no further comment."  (Notice the ‘we.’)

Fourth, we wonder why the new reporter at The Forecaster, Matt H-squared, failed to seek comment from Senator Stangali and other nearby legislators perfectly positioned to play a role in this caper.  Surely the certain Senator from the Brunswick area would have had something telling to say on the subject.

Or if nothing else, told Matt about his newest pair of Tony Lamas, and how good they feel when he’s cruising around on his favorite Harley.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  When you’ve spent decades running a furniture manufacturing business, and decades running a haberdashery chain, you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

And we ‘have no further comment.’

Except to tell you that we are pursuing a new aspect of the ‘let’s raise property taxes for our future’ movement.  We’re not sure how it will play out, but if first impressions are any indication, we could have a situation even more troubling than the ill-fated back-in parking plan at Maine Street Station.

Can you imagine that?

We’ll leave you with this cryptic hint: fairness.

, Stangali

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