Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Brunswick Schools enrollment update….


We just received the Brunswick School Department “April 1 enrollment figure,” which they must report to Maine’s DOE.

The figure is 2,414, or 42 lower than the October 2011 report of 2,456.  So we’ve lost 1.7% of our students in 6 months.

Compared to a year ago, when we reported 2,524, we’ve lost 110 students, for a 4.3% decrease.

We have two immediate thoughts.  First, perhaps Sally Sincere of our local real estate sales contingent could give us an update on the “people move to Brunswick because of the excellence of our schools” theory.  And while she’s at it, tell us why people move out of Brunswick, which they apparently do in larger numbers.

Second, maybe it’s time to spend another hundred thou or two with Planning Decisions Inc to update their enrollment predictions, which we’ve already paid them for twice.  They’re the folks who told us what we wanted to hear: that enrollment would snap right back to pre-base closure levels after a brief dip. 

This is the same trusted profession that predicts 17,000 jobs on the redeveloped base, and 100 shoppers a day when the train starts running.

While we’re at it, you might find something of interest on this new web site we just heard about.  We sure did:

Maine’s reading scores drop despite record spending

Click on that title to read the news clip.

Stella, oh Stella!  See if you can get Jane what’s-her-name on the line, would you?  You know, the one who says people are flocking to our town because of our excellent schools.  And contact Amtrak to find out what size Kool-Aid tank car they plan for the trains coming to town.

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