Monday, April 2, 2012

Suspicions confirmed: ‘for the children’ exclusion applies to School Budget campaign signs

Just yesterday, we remarked thusly about the School Budget Campaign Signs appearing around town:

These signs are clearly related to the June ballot issue regarding approval of the proposed school budget.  Which we’re pretty sure is more than 60 days away from when the signs began appearing.

But as we all know, when ‘it’s for the children,’ the heavy authoritarian hand of government is easily dismissed by those who care more.  Along with anything else that gets in the way.

Now we learn that cognizant town staff has concluded that the subject signs do not qualify as Political Campaign Signs, which the code defines as “temporary signs bearing messages relating to an election, primary or referendum.”

Just as we suggested, the signs qualify for an ‘it’s for the children’ exclusion. 

That aside, if the signs aren’t intended to communicate a message regarding the school budget referendum, just what the hell are they intended for?  Maybe this is what the town council meant when they said they’d get behind the School Department to help them through the looming crisis, among other things.

This one doesn’t pass the smell test, overactive olfactory imagination or not.  Not that it’s any surprise.  Loopholes, thy name is schoolies.

We believe we’ll start a business creating a new genre of political signs that follow this format: “Foghorn-for the children.”

If you were running,  wouldn’t you like your signs all over town as early as possible?

Seek and ye shall find, as the old saying goes!

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