Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A few tidbits….

We’re currently pre-occupied with other things, and we live in a ‘target rich environment’ for those of us who like to ‘post’ on various incongruencies in local affairs.

So cut us some slack for this very short and hasty post.

Item 1:  a reader called a while ago to report that the flag flying in the town mall, which we assume is the responsibility of municipal government, is tattered and due for honorable disposal and replacement.  As the reader said, if we can spend $60 million or so a  year on what goes on around here, including $35 million or so on schools, can’t we find a way to replace this flag with honor and decorum, at a cost of say, $100?

We bet that loyal citizens would gladly chip in to buy a new flag.  Just for the pleasure of seeing the current one taken down and the new one hoisted.

We told the reader we’d stop by tomorrow and take a photo of the tattered flag and post it here.  We hope we remember to do so.   We owe that to you.

Item 2:  Given the departure of the latest Managing Editor, we’re wondering why we haven’t heard from The Ostrich regarding his replacement.


He was, as we see it, a small man.

And we sincerely hope that Gina Hamilton, currently the opinion page editor at said head-in-sand media outlet, is not in the running for the job.  Btu given their apparent death wish, she may well be the pick.

Mentzinger left the local fray with a mournful statement, which we linked in an earlier post, about the business challenges facing a small town newspaper.

It caused us to think back about the circumstances that pertain.  We concluded that HAD The Ostrich truly focused on serving the community in the truest sense, they might have been able to rally town support to keep them alive and viable business-wise.

But the truth is that Bob Mentzinger ran the paper to serve his partisan agenda, not the town.

Gina Hamilton did the same thing when she ran the Coastal Journal, and eventually found herself ‘seeking new opportunities.’  She’s doing so now on the opinion page.

We have no sympathy for either, especially since they both seem genetically incapable of learning from their experiences.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  It turns out we’ve learned from their experiences even if they haven’t.

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