Friday, April 4, 2014

And Proudly Shall She Wave…..


The other day in this post - – we reported that a tattered and torn American Flag was flying above the town mall.  A concerned “Other Sider” had contacted us about this, and we promised to look into it.

We meant to do it yesterday, but our busy schedule did not allow for it.  Today, however, we followed up.  Looks like our reporter in the field may have made a mistake, and if he did, we need to apologize to you, our trusting readers.

Why do we think the report might have been a mistake?  Because when we stopped by on this sunshiny day, the flag atop the mall pole looked brand spanking new to us.  It’s in perfect condition.

Our staff photographer was not available, so we were reduced to using our cheapo little point and shoot camera, and we had no choice but to point at the sky to capture the flag we saw.  Please excuse the quality of the photo; but in spite of it’s haziness and over-exposure, we think the fine condition of the flag is discernible.


We know from ample experience that the current Chair of the town council is a serious, competent photographer.  Perhaps he can take a photo that captures the flag with due fidelity and send it our way to replace the one we took.  He might even get the FD to elevate him on the ladder truck so he can take it straight on.

Assuming he can’t get the town’s photo capable remotely controlled drone to do it for him.  It’s the same one that catches you running red lights.


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