Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Humility and The Ostrich

A friend just passed along a soliloquy from Mr. Mentzinger, who closes by reminding us that he:

“was recognized by the Maine Press Association in 2013 as the state’s top editorial writer.”

When you think about it, that’s faint praise, if praise at all.  The year’s “Best Movie” isn’t by definition great; it’s simply the ‘best’ this year.  Suppose we had a “Best Brunswick Street of 2013” award; do you think it would be a velvety soft ride, reminiscent of a magic carpet?  With no gritty sand to plague your driveway, garage, and mud-room?  And no washboard/frost heave character?

We think not.

You can read the rest of his self-homage here, though it pains us to link to it.


After reading his ‘piece,’ we were reminded of what we posted in 2009, seemingly four plus years ago:

Breaking News: Other Side wins Brunswick's top honor!!

P. C. Poppycock, reporter for "The Other Side of Town," earned the prestigious Brunswick Blogger of the Year Award for 2009 from the Brunswick Omelet, Donut, and Marching Society at their annual gathering held recently at the Frostys Donuts Convention Center on Maine Street. The award is often referred to by national media outlets as the NoBell Prize in Irrelevance and Futility.

We’re pleased to tell you that in contrast to ‘traditional print medial,’ our ad revenue is undiminished, and our staff is happy to continue working for us.

The Ostrich, of course, played a prime role around here as ‘government watchdog.’

While you may not have noticed, we’ve done our level best not to follow their example.


We can’t wait for the upcoming awards banquet.  Got your ticket? 

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