Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Breaking News: Bleeding at the “blood stained local rag”

In early February of this year, we started a post with these words and graphics:

Here’s a riddle for you: what do you get when you cross an ostrich with a junkyard mongrel?



You can read the rest of the post here:  http://othersideofbrunswick.blogspot.com/2014/02/the-local-rag-is-blood-stained.html

The post was largely about one Bob Mentzinger, who managed to make quite a name for himself as managing editor at The Ostrich.

Now comes word that there may be more than one junkyard dog involved in our little story.  Over the transom just a short while ago arrived a report that said Mr. Mentzinger is no longer with The Ostrich.

We’re seeking follow-up confirmation on the story from our trusted sources.  Meanwhile, be careful not to step in any pools of blood.

In that earlier post, we made this comment:

Mentzinger is, in many ways, the antithesis of an ‘unbiased journalist.’  Some might even suggest that he is a hack, a political mercenary.

He has certainly confirmed that since.  Which makes his comment earlier accusing us of slander and ‘hiding behind a pseudonym’ all the more meaningful.

While we’re looking into the details, here’s a comment we did receive from a respected journalist:


We don’t know what’s up next for Mentzinger, but he could always check with GoJo to see if he needs anyone to help with his next clean election campaign.  We think he’s proved himself more than qualified.

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