Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Chance checks in to give us an Enterprise update…


Well wouldn’t you just know it.

Sometimes our friend Chance taps us on the shoulder and passes along a good suggestion.

In this case, it has to do with the outlook for continued Enterprise presence at the “Visitors Center” at Brunswick’s Maine Street Station.

Or as we sometimes call it, the Departure Center.

Departure Shirley applies in this case.  Since the info we passed along to you in our related post earlier today was a few weeks old, we thought it appropriate to check for updates on the details.


The operation consists of an actual Enterprise staffer ‘manning’ the desk at so called ‘busy times.’  Or should we say ‘personing’ the desk for incoming Downeasters, ready to assist the throngs of arriving passengers in spreading their tourist dollars around.

So we contacted local officials, only to find out the Enterprise operation at the Station will be shutting down in a month or so.  Apparently, business has not been sufficient to continue the service, even though Downeaster ridership continues to ‘exceed expectations,’ and ‘economic stimulus’ to local businesses has been worthy of letters to the Governor.  None of which contained any objective data.


You know how it goes; data and objectivity are for the nay-sayers; those without a dream, without a vision.

We have lots of dreams and visions, thank you, before you decide to toss us in the dust bin of “community pride.’  We just like them to have some grounding in reality, with an occasional topping of transparency and accountability.

Is there no one else who shares our dreams and our visions?  Have the Ostriches really taken control of honest discourse?

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