Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Ostrich…always there for you….

We thought this item from yesterday’s edition deserving of ‘headline of the month:’


The burning question for many will be whether Brunswick councilors, anxious not to be outdone by their nearby neighbors, take up a motion to leave.  Any bets on how the vote will come down?

We hope Johnny Protocols will be there for the roll call, because if he’s not, several other councilors will be verklempt, and could quite possibly vote against their conscience, or whatever takes its place these days.

Then there’s this item in today’s edition:


If you read carefully, you’ll see this text; do take note of the ‘earlier this month’ assertion.

The Northern New England Passenger Rail Authority wants to expand service to and from Brunswick and Freeport. But to do that, it needs more than just a proposed train shed planned for the West Brunswick area. 

To do that, it needs money, but their most recent grant application to the U.S. Department of Transportation — for $14 million — was rejected earlier this month.

Followers of Other Side got the memo about the grant rejection some time ago, in this post -

On September 12, to be exact, which was the date the results were posted on the US Department of Transportation web site -  Not to mention our extensive reporting on the application documents before the decisions were made, including dissection of the numerous ‘letters of support’ that were included.  As you may recollect, many, in truth, were embarrassments.


News travels slowly, though, on the underground world wide sand tunnel web.  And not everyone has the same blazingly fast, broadband access.


Sometimes, though, there are deeper issues at play, such as sorting out which month is which, and when one ends and the next one begins.


Which is why staff at our local print media establishment can appear so perplexed.  Even after they’ve rubbed the sand out of their eyes.

Time for a little trim there, big guy, we might add.  Unruly hair can be a distraction from your eyes,  the primary assets in your role as ‘government watchdog,’ remember?

Look; if it’ll improve your spirits any, we’re going to grant you permission to view up to 3 articles a month free here on Other Side.  Anything more than that, and we’ll have to start charging you.

We reserve the right to define ‘month’ any way we damn well please; you do understand, don’t you?

Good.  Now nighty-nite and sweet dreams.

Tell the ‘sand-man’ hello for us.

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